8 Mart 2016 Salı

what am i working on?

hi, this term we are working on housing project. Our land is on Tekirdağ, Turkey. now, i have just some sketches and a little theory. i think i will work about micro cabins. there is a line with trees, and in the middle of the area there are some cabins. less space, less society, more friendship and some permaculture. here are some photos i looked when i searched.(photos were taken from pinterest)

edit(19 march): the idea of the project was changed. my micro cabins will be for refugees and maybe homeless. because wars will never end i think. people is not good. who has not got a home they will come to this micro cabins, and they will work and make a life and they will go to their new house. and then new people come to this cabins who needs a home. and again again again.

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