12 Temmuz 2016 Salı

19 Haziran 2016 Pazar

beyond a house

hi, we passed the presentation. i was working on housing project for refugees. here is my project's details.
drawings drawn by hand without ruler.

drawings seem dirty because the desk was dirty and i put the paper on the desk.

28 Mayıs 2016 Cumartesi

Preparing for presentation

Bu dönemin de sonuna geliyoruz. Jüriye son üç gün. Yaptığım işin minik bir parçasını paylaşmak istedim. 
(AutoCAD ve Photoshop kullanıldı.)

17 Mayıs 2016 Salı

the toy workshop, KRAFT

(this image taken from facebook.com/kraftmimarlık)

hi, last week we created a workshop as kraft architecture(a group in nkü) in campus area. we made some toys for giving to kids. here is some photos what i made(or sew)

have a good day!


8 Mart 2016 Salı

what am i working on?

hi, this term we are working on housing project. Our land is on Tekirdağ, Turkey. now, i have just some sketches and a little theory. i think i will work about micro cabins. there is a line with trees, and in the middle of the area there are some cabins. less space, less society, more friendship and some permaculture. here are some photos i looked when i searched.(photos were taken from pinterest)

edit(19 march): the idea of the project was changed. my micro cabins will be for refugees and maybe homeless. because wars will never end i think. people is not good. who has not got a home they will come to this micro cabins, and they will work and make a life and they will go to their new house. and then new people come to this cabins who needs a home. and again again again.